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Practice Areas- Powers of Attorney


These documents are critical to ensuring that if something happens and you are unable to make your own financial or health care decisions you have a designated person who can act on your behalf.

These documents set forth who will make decisions if you are unable to and establish the types of decisions that person is entitled to make on your behalf. Powers of attorney come in many forms, such as, including but not limited to: temporary; "springing" (that is they only apply after a specific event or circumstance arises, like your incapacity), or limited to a single transaction.


For example, if you are in a car accident, an all too common event, and suffer a head injury if you haven't designated a health care agent who will make the important healthcare decisions for you? How will they know what would want? Will they be able to access you bank accounts to pay your bills?

Powers of Attorney can be abused and you consult an attorney about who you are designating and under what cricumstances. These should be excuted as part of an entire estate plan and our skilled estate planning can help you evaluate your needs to forumlate a plan that protects you and your family.


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