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Estate Settlement

This often requires the "opening of a probate." If the person did not have a trust, or did not complete the "funding" of the trust, a probate may be necessary. In Arizona this is typically not a lengthy process (unless a contest regarding the authenticity and validity of the will arises or there are disputes over how distributions willoccur). In fact, four months after the notice to the creditors has been published, an informal probate can be closed (assuming all of the responsibilities of the Personal Representative have been completed). Assets can be distributed almost immediately, assuming it is clear that sufficient assets will be available to pay creditors. Often, no court appearance is necessary and no court intervention is required. There are many requirements, deadlines and a subtantial amount of paperwork. Our firm has years of experience in quickly and efficiently closing estates. We can assist the personal reprepresentative with their many duties so that the estate is resolved and your obligations are met. 

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