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Mediation is a process to settle a legal dispute with the help of a third party (mediator). The mediator assist the parties to find areas of agreement, possible compromises so that those in conflict can agree on a fair result. Mediation is becoming a very common means to resolve domestic relations disputes (divorce, child custody, visitation), civil (medical malpractice, personal injury) and most recently in probate matters (guardianship, trust and estate adminstration). The financial cost is substantially less than fighting the matter out in court. Through mediation the parties may achieve an early settlement ending the fear and anxiety of the legal case.


Steve Kupiszewski, is a retired Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner with 10 years experience on the bench in civil, family and probate matters. Steve presided over jury and non-jury trials, decided countless complex court cases and held weekly settlement conferences with an excellent settlement rate. Alternative dispute resolution reduces cost and brings the case to a speedier, less stressful end.





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