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Max is Jennifer and Steve's dog. He is a seven year old Yorkshire Terrier. At the office he serves as firm security keeping a vigilant watch on the premises and making sure we stay on task. He also provides motivational and emotional support in our office for staff and clients. Max is usually upstairs but if he's downstairs he will welcome you with a friendly smile! To see more: Max photo album


Dug is Emily's dog. He's a two year old Havanese. Yes, its Dug just like dog from the movie Up. He is still a puppy. Dug loves meeting new people and gets pretty excited. Ok, really really excited. When you come to the office if Dug is visiting you can see him wagging his tail at the door. He keeps everyone positive and upbeat with his youthful energy. Just like in the movie he loves everybody especially squirrels! To see more: Dug photo album


Molly is Jennifer Blum's dog. She is a nine year old Poodle. She is a very sweet, little lady but painfully shy. Molly is our calm, peaceful friend. Her hobbies include fetching and napping but not in that order. When Molly is visiting she will welcome you with a friendly smile! To see more:

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