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Last Will and Testament

A last will and testament (will) is a document that is the building block of your estate plan.

The will states:

  • who you nominate as the personal representative
  • who inherits your estate
  • when, how, and what they will inherit

Terms you should know:

Estate: the net worth of a person at the time of death. It is the sum of a person’s assets minus all liabilities at that time.

Personal representative: the person in charge of settling the decedent’s final affairs, sometimes called an executor.

Beneficiaries: the persons/entities who will inherit property sometimes called the heirs

In Arizona a valid will must be:
✓ executed by a person over age 18
✓ in writing
✓ witnessed by two people (notary not required but a good idea)

A holographic will must:
✓ be in the person’s (testator) handwriting
✓ name the beneficiaries

While having a witness and notary is a good idea, it is not required if the will meets the requirements of a holographic will.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I don’t have any property why would I need a will? Remember that a a last will and testament also directs what happens to your personal items and who should be the guardian for your minor children, disabled children, or an incapacitated spouse.

What is a personal representative? The personal representative is the person who will file documents with the court so your assets can be used to pay your final debts and distribute the remainder to your heirs. In some states, this role is called an executor.

Does having a will mean my estate can avoid a probate? Whether you have a will or not does not determine if a probate action is needed. If property is only in the name of a deceased person (not jointly owned, not titled to a trust, and no named beneficiary) and that property exceeds certain minimum limits, a probate may be required to fulfill the terms of your will.

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