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Handy Dandy Resources- Buying Toys that Are Accessible

Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio: The Independent Guide to Children’s Media

Looking for a place to find age appropriate toys in which someone has thought about whether the toy is adapted for kids with special needs?

Here they are and here’s how they do it. 

Joanne and Stephanie are child development experts. The founded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio in 1989 as the only independent reviewers of toys consumers.

Each year in February they attend the International Toy Fair in NYC where all of the toys for this holiday season are previewed. They pick out the most promising toys. In her blog, Stephanie says that by July it looks like they are in Santa’s Workshop. Sounds like a fun job to me. Most toys don’t pass their first round of testing. But if it does the toy goes onto the second round. During the next stage of testing, toys are sent is to a diverse group of families in all 50 states. These families give them feedback based upon how the child played with it in their household. Once the feedback and reviews are finished they give the toys awards based on their quality.

Of the award system Stephanie says, “The Platinum Awards are reserved for the truly outstanding toys of the year; the Gold Seal Awards are also highly rated products that engaged our kids; the Blue Chip Award is bestowed on toys that have been in the marketplace for at least five years and have stood the test of time (a rarity in toyland); and finally the SNAP (Special Needs Adaptable Product) Award is given to toys that are easily adaptable for children with special needs”.

On their website they post reviews and toys can be easily found because they are categorized by the child’s age. Event the SNAP toys are broken down by age. This makes shopping so easy. And their site says they are on an Amazon Associate so you can purchase from your home. Happy Toy Hunting!!!

For more info: www.toyportfolio.com





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