The Thanksgiving Holiday As Our Loved Ones Age

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The Thanksgiving Holiday As Our Loved Ones Age

As our parents age it is natural for us to take over the meal preparation but we need to be sensitive to the changes as our family ages. Our metabolism and taste buds changes as we age. Don’t be offended if the person doesn’t eat the pile high plate of food like they used too.  Consider preparing something special to cater to changing dietary habits and needs.

  • Make food that is easy to chew and swallow.  Dentures and reduced saliva production make tough and dry foods difficult.
  • Use less salt to be considerate of blood pressure and water retention issues.
  • Add more seasoning to make up for the lower salt, aging taste buds and the dulling affect of some prescription medications. Savory but not spicy! Spicy or hot have their own negative effects.
  • Use recipes rich with nutrition.  Some seniors need to eat food that is high in nutritional content and calories to make up for reduced appetite.
  • Foods high in fat or dairy often become challenging. There are great non-dairy/low fat options such as almond milk.

Ask questions.  Take a moment to ask your loved one what they enjoy eating these days.  If they always loved a particular dish, ask them if they still do.

Authored by Attorney Jennifer Kupiszewski, Esq.– Here comes the disclaimer: we are lawyers, so this blog offers both legal information and answers to common questions. However, we are not your lawyers, so reading this blog does NOT create an attorney-client relationship; it is information and not advice.


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