Super Useful Tip- Holiday Gifts Ideas for the Senior in Your Life

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Super Useful Tip- Holiday Gifts Ideas for the Senior in Your Life


  1. Blankets or throws: A cozy blanket feels like love. You can customize throws with a family photo or a picture of a favorite vacation spot at many places online such as, Shutterfly or Costco.Blanket photo
  2. Custom gift basket: They will know you care when you give them a basket of their favorite things. Slippers, lotions, bath soaps, cologne or perfume, movies, or a food basket of your loved ones favorite meats, cheeses, chocolates or sauces.
  3. Tablets and iPads: Surprisingly easy to use and in many ways tailored for seniors with their touch-screen technology and large print options. Good for entertainment, medication management and brain-exercising fun.
  4. Smartphone: Phones are not only important for keeping the social connections but also are crucial for senior safety. Many smartphones of today offer large buttons, photo speed dial, visual rings and more. CAVEAT- You must take the time to set it up and to teach the person how to use it. Best gift ever--- teach a grandparent how to text. They will hear from the grandkids a lot more often.
  5. Clothes: If your loved one isn’t a shopper, ask yourself: When was the last time they bought new clothes?
  6. Kitchens Essentials Set: Everyday kitchen items can be difficult for those with mobility and strength challenges. OXO GOOD GRIPS Kitchen Set and Arthritis Supplies both offer excellent, ergonomic options.
  7. Photobooks: Shutterfly has an option to upload photos, select a theme and the program will insert and organize the pictures for you. I made a photo book in less than an hour.

Yes, I have mentioned Shutterfly twice. I do not own stock in the company and there is no reason for me to plug them over another company other than their site is so easy to use it is addicting. I made a photo book for my mother-in-law in no time, then our holiday cards, then I had to have a blanket for my mom…. you can see where this went. That's my confession for the week. Happy shopping!

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