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Handy Dandy Resources- Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) Caregiver House

This place is incredible. Ideas that caused me shock and awe.

I was fortunate to present on Healthcare Advanced Directives at FSL’s Annual Caregivers Retreat. Caregivers are heroes, providing selfless services while facing many challenges, often with little reward. In Arizona alone, there are 855,000 family caregivers. They are super heroes with super powers.

The Caregiver House is located in Phoenix at 12th street and Thomas. It’s an older home renovated to demonstrate modification options. One half of the home uses Universal Design and the other half is modified with less expensive, often removable adaptations. It is truly amazing how much a home renovation, no matter how big or small, can improve someone’s life. Here are a couple examples:

shower chairIn this bathroom the bottom of the tub is cut out so a shower chair can be installed. The value of the home is maintained because the tub section can be easily restored. The pole with a supportive bar is not permanent and can be used to assist on the toilet or to transfer to the shower.universal design kitchen


Universal Design places appliances in positions that allow access so a person with mobility or strength challenges can reach items without having to lift heavy objects and to allow wheelchair access

FSL Caregiver House Offers:

  • Training in best care practices for family and professional caregivers
  • Information and referral to resources
  • Hands-on demonstration of adaptive equipment and home design features
  • Education on innovative residential design and home modification techniques
  • Opportunities for self-care and rejuvenation

You can schedule a free tour, a hands-on demonstration of equipment, and they will help you opportunity to identify resources for a loved one. It’s worth a visit!

Call or e-mail: 602-285-1800?         cgservices@fsl.org

Find us online at our website and on Facebook.

Authored by Attorney Jennifer Kupiszewski

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