Handy Dandy Resources: disability.gov

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Handy Dandy Resources: disability.gov

This site connects people with disabilities, their families and caregivers woman_back_and_forth_questions_500_clr_12477with state specific helpful resources. The site is easy to use and fully accessible. Surfing the internet for funny pet videos is fun but searching for resources to improve your life or the life a loved one can be daunting. Googling your question leads to hundreds of thousands of results and most people only make it through the first couple of pages. This site is a great starting place to help narrow the search.

Step 1: Choose the Audience. Are you looking for information for yourself or someone else as a family member, caregiver or guardian?

Step 2: Choose a Topic. Are looking for information on education, healthcare, civil rights, employment, housing….?

Step 3: Enter the State you live in

Step 4: Get the Summary of your Results

You will be on your way to the information you need without scrolling through dozens of irrelevant Google pages. It's really a great website. Check it out!

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