5 Reasons to Get Healthcare and Financial Powers of Attorney (POAs)

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5 Reasons to Get Healthcare and Financial Powers of Attorney (POAs)

What if you have been in a terrible car accident? You’re in the ICU and can’t tell anyone what you want for your healthcare and well-being. You can’t tell anyone how to get access to your accounts, to pay your mortgage, etc. If you’re married you think your spouse will take care of it, but what if they can’t? What if they were in the car too?

You can learn more about what a Healthcare and Financial Power of Attorney is here!

The question becomes, do you need one? Yes! But most people do not have POAs and this is why they should.

When you can’t speak for yourself, these problems could arise:

  • Someone needs to pay your bills, apply for disability, apply for social security, and make sure that your finances aren’t wrecked.
  • They need to know your healthcare wishes so your doctors can follow them.
  • You don’t want your family to have to go to court in order to get the authority to make decisions for you because it is expensive.
  • If no one has access or authority over your homes, cars and other property, you could be vulnerable to theft or property damage.
  • Finally, you want someone to have authority to protect your rights related to the accident and any harm you’ve undergone.


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